Author: void room

time limit in a roguelite’s run (reactor feature)

I do really like roguelikes and roguelites. It actually doesn’t matter if it is a classic turn-based rougelike, a 2D platformer, a top-down dungeon crawler, a space shooter, a real-time tactic/strategy or anything else. I just like the idea behind them. Failing, learning and repeating. In quite short runs. Some of the games have a…
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2019-05-28 0


Tea For God is a VR game. This means that it has to render two images for each eye. And it has to do so in 90 frames per second. There are several approaches to rendering and there are more and more being developed. I tried a few and one that worked the fastest for…
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2019-05-15 0

procedural level generation using impossible spaces

During the last few days, I decided to focus a bit on level generation. I wanted to try adding new variations for existing generators and clean up generation code/definitions a bit. Most of the people are familiar with procedural generation, but not the impossible spaces. There are various papers and videos that explain the concept…
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2019-04-13 0

ui and options

Among things that people were mentioning was lack of any settings. I’d prefer addressing feedback as soon as possible to be on track with anything that people want to get in the game. Not everything is possible to do in a short term but if anything is, it is worth doing so. Especially if something…
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2019-04-04 0

forearm displays and navigation

A while ago I published a demo build and got amazing feedback from lots of people. Most of the issues are now implemented. New ideas not and sound is as it was. But that will change. One of the requests that kept coming up, was a turn counter. This might be quite useful when you…
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2019-03-27 0

procedural modular

I am a big fan of procedural generation. All characters I work on are procedurally generated. When I start to work on a character, I first think about how it should function in the world. What should it do, how should it behave, what are unique abilities of that thing. Then I think about how…
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2018-07-20 0

bug fixing

During last two weeks I was mostly bug fixing. I had a bug where rammers, the ones that circle around tower with smoke, were not moving but were just stacked on top of each other. Or objects in pockets where disappearing when you walked closed to the edge of a portal. I also did some…
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2017-12-08 0

pockets, proximity mines, machine pistols

Busy busy. During last week, well, almost two weeks, I’ve focused on pockets. Player has two guns that are attached to forearms. This makes it possible to carry two extra things in your hands but if you’d like to use one of main weapons, you would have to drop currently held item. That’s when pockets…
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2017-11-22 0


Last week I was adding some features for shield mushroom worm (shader to reflect health, added particle effects on landing and taking/pulling, sounds) and I modified hand displays a bit. They are now square, a bit smaller but with greater resolution to make text on them easier to read. Mind that their content will change,…
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2017-11-09 0


I wanted to post an update every week. That didn’t go as planned for various reasons but here I am. I will try to keep it short and just mention the most fun stuff I was up to during that time. Interaction with objects. To allow picking them up, to hold them in hand and…
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2017-10-30 0