bug fixing

bug fixing

2017-12-08 Uncategorized 0

During last two weeks I was mostly bug fixing. I had a bug where rammers, the ones that circle around tower with smoke, were not moving but were just stacked on top of each other. Or objects in pockets where disappearing when you walked closed to the edge of a portal.

I also did some other stuff. Support for other VR controllers that should be easy to extend with new controllers. And some general improvents for controls.

And I run into few bugs that I thought were gone. One of them, a bit annoying, I think I remember how I reintroduced. I didn’t have time to test it then. And when we’re at “time” subject. That is something that I miss. That’s why I am quite happy that I decided to allow objects to be created with modules that can be adjusted in few places. For example, I may have levels that contain similair set of enemies and at the level of single enemy definition they are basically same thing but with giving them different weapon, different behaviour for particular case, changing parameters for the look or replacing some parts of the model I can get quite different feel.

No screenshots this time.