forearm displays and navigation

forearm displays and navigation

2019-03-27 Uncategorized 0

A while ago I published a demo build and got amazing feedback from lots of people. Most of the issues are now implemented. New ideas not and sound is as it was. But that will change.

One of the requests that kept coming up, was a turn counter. This might be quite useful when you don’t have a wireless VR solution. The idea is to count how many times did you turn left or right to avoid cable getting twisted too many times in one direction as this could damage it. I didn’t want to put it onto those displays that are attached to hands. And I didn’t want to put it onto the trays that are on forearms as these will be used for something else. But there was enough place at the edge of that tray. Enough to put a small LCD display there. And that’s what I did.

While I was working on that, I was started to think that I could add more such small displays to provide more information, health, energy, navigation. And then it went into other crazy regions. Actual, real-time, the distance covered and so on. Navigation required a custom LCD display but it looks best.

And while we’re on the topic. There will be at least three different methods of navigation:

  1. directional – you just see in which direction you should go.
  2. signal strength – you don’t see in which direction you should go but when you face that direction, an indicator displays higher value. This means that you need to turn around to find the best direction
  3. hot/cold – you only see if you are going towards the target or away from it, when you get closer or further. You have to move your hand in a direction you want to go, to check if it is the right direction. Personally, I find it the most fun one.

In the next build, you will be able to switch between various methods, just to check, how they work. In a not so distant future, it will depend on the kind of module you put onto your forearm. And each module may use up a different number of slots. You may have easier navigation, but you won’t have as big energy storages or modifiers for weapons or additional abilities (eg. a small shield).

But that’s planned to happen in the next few months.

Now, after a few months of almost nothing, I am working full time on Tea For God and there are more and more things coming.