pockets, proximity mines, machine pistols

pockets, proximity mines, machine pistols

2017-11-22 Uncategorized 0

Busy busy.

During last week, well, almost two weeks, I’ve focused on pockets. Player has two guns that are attached to forearms. This makes it possible to carry two extra things in your hands but if you’d like to use one of main weapons, you would have to drop currently held item. That’s when pockets are useful. There are now just two of them, one on each side. There’s really not that much to talk about right now. They are just pockets 🙂 They still be modified when more people start to use them.

What items can you keep inside of them. Well, shield worm mushrooms, spiderbot grenades and…

Guns dropped by enemies

detachable gun

Enemies may drop weapons that can be used or disassembled into parts that can be used to improve main weapons. Such interim weapons cannot be loaded. Although it should be possible to unload the energy to charge main weapon or health. They could be much more powerful than main weapons. Although with limited ammo, it might be not best idea to just shoot anyone in range. But hey, there are pockets! To keep them for later use.

Proximity mines

proximity mine

They are another kind of worms, with a bulb on their back. Where the shield-one had mouth, this one has a button to arm or disarm the mine. When deployed, attached, it starts to blink. Since that moment, when something gets too close, the mine explodes. I plan to change it that if something moves really slowly, it should be fine. You could just use them as normal traps. Or put them one into an elevator and clear a platform or a different floor.

But you could also throw it at enemies and shoot it.

shooting at proximity mine

It might be not that easy to hit such small target at greater distance. But with different guns to be found, it should be much easier. Proximity mine I added as a thing to check how long may it take to create something new but that bases at least partially on existing stuff. And I am quite happy with amount of time it took.

There is still some work required. The worm movement mostly but this should be used in more cases. Currently worms sometimes just go in circles instead of attaching to anything.

I also spent some time on improving movement, collision related stuff, allowing debug panel to be accessible in VR – before I had to get the hmd off. Now it opens in front of me, pauses game and allows me to access some functionality.

And there’s another reason why I added it. I will be soon releasing a demo version to closed group of people and I wanted to allow them to modify some bits, to restart, etc.

But there is still some work before the demo. Because… Well, I was testing stuff in the test level and when I run the actual one, it turned out that some of the stuff does not work. I actually can’t wait to get the feedback 🙂