ui and options

ui and options

2019-04-04 Uncategorized 0

Among things that people were mentioning was lack of any settings. I’d prefer addressing feedback as soon as possible to be on track with anything that people want to get in the game. Not everything is possible to do in a short term but if anything is, it is worth doing so. Especially if something has to be done anyway. Like menu or options.

I didn’t want to have anything fancy, not at this point in the development. I wanted something functional and something that would be easy to extend. That’s why I decided to spend a few hours on a system that would allow me to code new options in an as easy way as possible. And then I started to add options. Graphics settings, audio, play area adjustments (although this one doesn’t have precise calibration, just extra boundary and few other options related to world generation), controls, gameplay settings, and comfort options. I think that I managed to address everything that I read. Except for already mention precise calibration of the play area. Oh and except for railings next to the ledges – I am still thinking about adding a comfort option for that.

UI that I use for the menu is the same that I plan to use for inventory/crafting. This way, by working on options, I added some things that I will be able to reuse when implementing gameplay stuff. Everything I do, I try to get to a level that I am fine with leaving in the final game. I know that I will have lots of other things to do and while I know that current UI is not the best looking, it gets the job done. It’s clear and functional. And if I won’t get time to change it, it shall be left as it is. The way it is done, it should be also easy just to bring windows’ resolution up to allow for a nicer font – current one resembles 8-bit computers which was taken from a previous project that was put in a freezer and the resolution was so small to allow seeing scanlines. Although I have no idea right now why I wanted that. I guess that at some point, I will just change the resolution. This should happen rather earlier as I don’t want to create lots of assets that then I would have to modify for a larger resolution. Unless of course that these assets would be done by hand and not procedurally, which is quite likely to happen. For sure I will be considering the procedural generation of icons for mods, weapon parts and so on.

One of the extra things that I had to add was a system that disallows a player to enter options while in the game, move somewhere else and exit the options. The game tracks where you were and where you should be when you want to get back to the game. At the moment there is a red cross on the floor where you should stand and there is also a window with information where you should move and turn to exit options.

Oh, entering menu while in the game is done by holding one of your hands close to the side of your head (touching headset or head).

At the moment I have one outstanding thing that I should test properly, but quite soon I am going to start publishing (more or less) weekly builds.