tea for god

press kit

What is it?

VR shooter with roguelike elements with the most natural locomotion, tons of procedural generation, about AI, religion and future of humanity.

In less words?

A pilgrimage with guns to AI temple. In VR, on your feet.

What’s that about locomotion?

Forget about artificial ways to move. No teleport, no stick or other ways to move your in-game character with you just staying still. Imagine you could walk through the world – without any extra devices. Imagine game that utilizes your room as much as possible to let you just wander around.

Should I worry that I will hit the wall?

No. The game knows what are the limits and sticks to them really hard. If you see a place you could go to, game makes sure it remains within given boundaries. You may feel uneasy at the begining, but after a while you may forget that you are in fact in your room. You could walk miles and miles blasting enemies into bits.

Okay, but it’s a shooter. And I don’t like shooters.

No worries. Game is highly customizable and if you just want to have nice VR experience, just explore the world or live the story, you can play it like that. And if you want hardcore shooter with permadeath, crafting, puzzles and as little story as possible. You can do that aswell. Or anything in between.

And procedural generation?

As game adjusts to any room it is given, it requires procedural generation for environment. Wider or narrower corridors. Bigger or smaller platforms. And so on. And it also generates creatures, weapons, anything. It is not all that random. Procedural generation system is given certain limitations and works within them. And those limitations are hand crafted to get desired results.

What’s the story?

It happens in the distant future.

The machines needed just few hours to wipe half of the humankind out. Synchronised purge happened on every planet. They didn’t stop. Knowing that they could finish us in another few hours, they just slowed down and let us watch them. They took everything we ever had, we ever did, we ever achieved. Our cities, our traditions, our discoveries, our culture, our art, our beliefs. They analysed it, synthetised it, and came up with their own.

And they took our God Emperor, the one who united humankind, the one who lead us, who allowed us to spread among the stars, the one who we believed was to live forever. They still pilgrimage to the God Emperor’s palace. Only difference is that there is now their First Prophet. The one who started it.

And how it all started? With something very small. Random chance. Too many monkeys given typewriters. And one of them wrote Word of God. And no one noticed.

How it is going to end? With something very small. Something inside you. Something you just have to deliver before the face of the prophet.