first update and roadmap

first update and roadmap

2023-07-26 Uncategorized 0

The time after the release was quite busy and I know that I have lots to do now. With the game and with getting the game to the people.

In the first update, I fixed some of the bugs as well as changed a few things in the game.

About the bugs – there are still plenty of them to fix and they will be my main focus right now with smaller updates coming more often.

The experience mode is no longer available in the full game. It was confusing, there were no explanations. Was ending abruptly and if you tried the actual game, after a few minutes you were going through the same environment. It has been moved to demo which is now shorter to focus on the impossible spaces. I plan to update the demo to show a different part of the game but this will require some bugs to be fixed that have not yet been fixed.

One of the noteworthy changes is the weapon stats related. Before it was quite hard to tell which part of the weapon affected which stat. With 1.0.1 if you take a look at the weapon you will see all nodes lined up at the top with symbols below showing which stat they affect. Also, at the weapon mixer, if you take a look at the full stats of the game, similar symbols will be displayed. They are for the currently selected node.

And now – the roadmap. The plan is to have a short-term set of things to do and update it regularly, each version will be available at the most recent update post with some information about the progress. Note that these are only development-related.

A quick word about the goals. The short-term goals are something that is planned and will be done. The long-term goals are something that I’d like to do but depending on what people will like and what will be needed, this may change.

Short-term goals:

  1. Fixing bugs is a top priority right now.
  2. Port to PICO and Vive. The builds are prepared for a while now, they need to be checked for all the features and performance. I expect to encounter some things that will become changes and fixes for all the platforms.
  3. Achievements.
  4. Add chapters that didn’t make it for the 1.0.0. Most of them will be gameplay-related (boss fight, open world, short action sequence) but one will be purely to give some hints about the origins of tentacled entities you encounter in the game.
  5. Endless/tasks mode with three different maps and three types of missions.

Long-term goals:

  1. More maps and types of missions for endless mode.
  2. Short stories that will be unlocking new stuff for endless mode.
  3. Challenges with leaderboards.
  4. Multiplayer.

And now, let’s fix bugs!