update 1.0.3 and roadmap

update 1.0.3 and roadmap

2023-08-10 Uncategorized 0

Another update mostly about fixes but there are some other changes as well.

The most important change is proper preparation of play-area size that is based on boundary points. It works now on SteamVR/OpenVR and OculusAPI. I will be investigating OpenXR as well.

Other non-fix changes are related to some gameplay mechanics.

Hitting (melee) is now easier as the speeds were lowered. You can get health and ammo from hitting small robots to make it consistent with hitting other objects. If the last hit is a kill and you have appropriate EXM installed, it won’t give extra bonus for a normal hit. Also, melee kills provide loot now (same as other kills).

During the game, some people may encounter strange devices on walls that have a running circular pattern or just red lights. The read lights are “dead end” but the running pattern is an indicator that the world is being generated. I’ve seen players trying to interact with the device – this was not implemented and nothing happens when you touch or shoot it. To lessen the confusion about the device, I added “please wait” text displayed when you are close. Ideally, they should be never visible but the level generation may take more time in some cases and also if the game guesses where the player is going incorrectly, it will generate other places first.

I also added a small feature: you can customise weapon sights colour and outer ring’s radius (set to 0 to make it disappear).

The other fixes:

  • fixed “mean machine” modifier
  • fixed some game scripts running when exiting game and starting new (or loading game state)
  • fixed bringing permanent EXMs through “another chance” chapter
  • fixed metal pilgrims in burial scene to move based on location, not time
  • fixed flashing door to repair hangar in “prelude”
  • fixed horizontal scaling preview

That’s it for this week. The roadmap remains almost the same:

Short-term goals:

  • Fixing bugs. There are less and less of them but still some work is required.
  • Port to PICO and Vive. It still requires some work to bring the performance to a proper level. Also, my attempts at Quest Pro are failed ones. I will need to get the device as otherwise I can’t really tell what’s going on there.
  • Achievements.
  • Endless/tasks mode with three different maps and three types of missions.
  • Add chapters that were not made for 1.0.0.

Long-term goals:

  • More maps and types of missions for endless mode.
  • Short stories that will be unlocking new stuff for endless mode.
  • Challenges with leaderboards.
  • Modding support.
  • Multiplayer.