plans for September

plans for September

2023-09-01 Uncategorized 0

I took some vacations recently that I was looking forward to for a long time. This is the reason why there were no updates for the game.

For the next few weeks I should be mostly focused on porting the game (submissions). During the waiting time I don’t want to start any bigger tasks for Tea For God but I should be adding some small content (EXMs, weapon nodes, enemies). Most of that will find its place in the main story for time being. But the main reason for adding them is the next big task.

And for that I decided to focus on the endless mode. I want it to be the main thing (once you go through the main story but you can speed that up with using infinite health or desolate modifiers). The endless mode will give me an opportunity to add more different content. The main story has its beat, pace, things coming one after another. With endless mode I can add anything and have a greater freedom at whether I now want to add enemies, items, new types of objectives, new zones or whole new levels.

Another news is that I will be attending PGA in October with Tea For God. Some of the time this month I will spend on preparing a build for that event.

After a few years of development of Tea For God, I also want to experiment a bit with something else that I’d like to show at PGA.

Stay tuned!