page malfunction

page malfunction

2024-03-07 Uncategorized 0

A few days before Christmas I woke up to learn that the downloads were not available. Then came the realisation that it was the whole server that was inaccessible and within another hour I knew and had it confirmed that I had something broken into my webpage. I expect that it was just some auto script looking for certain holes and bugs that ended up by installing a trojan in WordPress.

I quickly separated various functionalities. The downloads, the privacy policies etc. are now on separate subdomains and held in separate places. First, it is now more tidy. I no longer have things mixed. Second, I can easily disable or replace on part of the whole system. And for more than a month there was a mockup page only.

I was delaying when I could get to making the page work again but when I eventually sat down to it, it took not that much time to get it all working again. Although I must confess I just used the backup (that’s what they’re for, right?) that I had to clean up a bit and make sure that everything is working properly. I lost a few devlog entries but that’s my fault that I didn’t use auto backup.

As it is working now (and I plan to take care of the service a bit better), I plan to provide some info about the endless mode for Tea For God in the upcoming weeks.