about the endless mode

about the endless mode

2024-03-07 Uncategorized 0

As I am working on the endless mode for Tea For God, I’d like to share some details describing the initial release and plans for the future.

The current mode will be still available as “story mode” and it will be possible to switch between the two.

My main idea about the initial release of the endless mode is to setup a main loop for a mode that can be worked upon. With all the basic elements in place, it will be possible to provide more gradual updates more often. New weapon nodes, new EXMs, new enemies, new places. Some of the new content may appear in the story mode but most will be unique to the endless mode.

One of the important features that also required certain changes in the engine is the idea that it should be possible to select a task, do it, come back and select another one while in-character. No exiting to the menu, etc.

To make it possible, all the tasks will currrently start and end in the same place – your ship. This is where you will be able to select the next task, install upgrades, select (and mix) weapons and so on. This is also where you will be coming back after ending the task (which also doesn’t matter if you will complete the objectives or not). Unlocking EXMs, upgrading the ship, unlocking new types of tasks will be also done here.

The initial release will have a modest set of tasks, biomes and upgrades available. As I mentioned, the idea is to setup a main frame to make it possible to add stuff in smaller and more often updates.

When to expect the endless mode? Soon.